As a reminder, I would like to acknowledge that we resume our 3commas/ Zoommeeting tonight. Already for many years, we are hosting webinars about crypto trading. Recently we discovered how to trade via 3commas automatically. We managed to pass signals, like from Trading Navigator, from Tradingview through to 3commas and trade automatically via bots....

We created a special 3commas Mastermind Group where we discuss and share our insights. We host every Wednesday a Zoom-meeting with a selective group. We invite you to join us every Wednesday @ 20:00 hrs you can sign in here:

If you would like to try 3commas for free (only with Binance-accounts) and with limited possibilities via

Or full version for more exchanges like Binance, click here:

Click on this link to stay informed at our Telegram Channel...

Kind regards,

Jan Robert Schutte Cofounder of CryptoAcademy, +31650746210
Website: CryptoAcademy