Hans Pieterse will be the new CEO of the option exchange TOM. When Willem Meijer announced to step down, the speculation about his successor began. Interesting to see Hans Pieterse returning to the industry. He’s an expert in the derivative trading industry, has a great network and rich experience as manager.

Hans Pieterse is a long time Optiver veteran. Nicknamed “Lampje“, he joined Optiver in the early nineties. Not a co-founder, but definitely a shareholder. He was Managing Director of Optiver Europe and head of market structure. As an early shareholder and a career of 20 years with the firm, Pieterse is loaded (50 million bid).

Hans Pieterse is still shareholder of Optiver. This could be seen as a small conflict of interest, with respect to the other shareholders of TOM. However, as Hans Pieterse is widely respected in the industry. The other shareholders (IMC, Nasdaq, ABN AMRO) are probably fine with his ownership of Optiver shares.


Officially, Pieterse left Optiver in March 2015. Optiver’s CEO Paul Hilgers was refreshing the management at the firm. The old guard were shown the door. Also the CEO of Optiver Europe, Edwin “Joop” van der Kruk, had to go. Hans Pieterse resigned, because he “didn’t have the commitment to go through a process of change at Optiver following the departure of Edwin“. Full quotes in FOW($).

Edwin van der Kruk was succeeded by Jan Bomaars. Bomaars earlier worked 21 years for Goldman Sachs. The CEO position for Optiver APAC in Sydney is still vacant, after the departure of Luke McElnea.


Small other news. The rebels from Flow Traders in Singapore, Sjak Kuipers en Reymond Tse, are building a new firm. But the name was secret. Suddenly, it appears the name of their ETF trading company is Fenix One. And of course, they are hiring.


The CEO of ABN AMRO Clearing, Marcel Jongmans, switched to Flow Traders. It’s difficult to find out who will succeed Jongmans. At first, Jan Bart de Boer seemed a likely candidate to take over the helm at AACB. But that’s definitely not going to happen. Probably, it’s going to be someone from outside the bank.

NB: I was in the Akzo crowd with Joop and worked with Hans in my time at Fortis clearing, which is now Abnamro clearing