Tuesday June 30, 2020

Dear Crypto Trader, 

Covid 19, Corona or not, CryptoAcademy is moving on full speed ahead, not only with Zoom-webinars but also with events. Herewith, we proudly announce that CryptoAcademy is Mediapartner of Blockchainsation. Blockchainsation: The biggest Crypto Event in the Balkan Region, which we will attend and offer you also to join us with 20% discount.

This spectacular Crypto event, wlll be held from 23rd to 25th of October (Friday until Sunday). This is 3 days of fun, blockchain and crypto experts, networking, useful knowledge, relaxation and much more in the heart of Slovenia. 

If you also would like to this Blockchain/Crypto-event with 20% discount. Use code: JZJONG

On a regular basis, we will publish content of Blockchainsation. 

Click on the link for more info: https://cryptoacademy.nl/event/blockchainsation-lasko-slovenia/

Kind regards, 

Team CryptoAcademy
Jan Robert Schutte +31650746210
Website: CryptoAcademy
E-mail: [email protected]